Month: November 2019

Cardall Orthodontics, Bakersfield, How to Manage Cost of Braces

How to Manage the Cost of Braces

People often ask, “How much do braces cost a month?” It’s hard to answer “What is the average cost of braces per month”, because it varies for each person depending on many factors, including: • The severity of the case • How long the treatment period is • The age of the patient • What… Read more »

6 Tips For Choosing a Great Orthodontist

Choosing an orthodontist is a big deal! Why? Because the orthodontist is usually the first professional your child encounters who will change the way he/she looks. Also, the results of orthodontic treatment can differ dramatically depending on the treatment plan, training, skill level, and attentiveness to detail of the doctor. When it comes to your… Read more »

Sadie Explains How to Win $500

Sadie Cardall will teach you how to get your name in Cardall Orthodontics’ bumper magnet drawing and win $500!   Step 1: Get magnets from our office (hint: put them on all your vehicles for more chances to win). Step 2: Put magnet on your car and drive around with pride. When our team sees… Read more »