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How to Manage the Cost of Braces

People often ask, “How much do braces cost a month?” It’s hard to answer “What is the average cost of braces per month”, because it varies for each person depending on many factors, including:
• The severity of the case
• How long the treatment period is
• The age of the patient
• What other appliances will be used

If you get a consultation at an office and they quote you a cookie-cutter price, that’s a sign that you will receive a cookie-cutter treatment. At Cardall Orthodontics, everyone receives their own custom treatment plan with a custom price to go along with it. The custom price can vary widely depending on the issues mentioned above, and, perhaps surprisingly, will often be lower than cookie-cutter prices elsewhere.

Throughout the orthodontist appointment stages, if the doctor recommends braces, you will be presented with a one-time fee. We often call this “fee” an investment, since you are truly investing in the health of your mouth to prevent future dental problems that could be much more costly down the road.

Unlike most offices, our price is all-inclusive. You will never be charged for anything beyond the investment amount you are presented with. If your treatment happens to take longer than planned, many offices will charge a fee for each additional month. Not at our office! If your child needs extra appointments for a broken braces wire or bracket, or if you miss an appointment, we don’t add fees.

Our payment plans are interest-free and there are no charges for making extra payments along the way. The retainers and your records are included in the price, and anything else you will need along the course of your treatment. Treatment with us truly is all-inclusive.

We are an orthodontist in Bakersfield that accepts payment plans near you! Some things to consider for making your investment more manageable is utilizing your FLEX or HSA accounts. We also accept the benefit of all PPO insurances and are in-network with several insurance plans. Our treatment coordinator will work with you to find a payment plan that fits your budget, often starting as low as $99 per month. Although most of our patients prefer our customized in-house payment plans, we do accept Care Credit payments as well. Plus, for patients who prefer to pay their balance in full at the start of treatment, we offer an additional 5% discount!

Since Dr. Cardall feels strongly that finances should not be a barrier to receiving great orthodontic treatment, we are flexible with our payment plans. We are here to help you, and we are confident that you will receive the greatest value through our combination of highest-quality care and affordability!

If you are seeking an orthodontist near you in Bakersfield, we would love to meet you. Request your free, no-obligation orthodontic exam or reach out to us today!