Adolescent Treatment

We Treat Adolescents, Tweens and Everyone in Between!

Improving and maintaining orthodontic health is crucial for growing mouths. All permanent teeth (except for wisdom teeth) have generally emerged between ages 9-14, which is why this is usually the ideal time for orthodontic treatment.

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Beginning Treatment 

First of all, when should my child begin orthodontic treatment?

Your child’s first orthodontic consultation should actually occur around age 7, as baby teeth are shedding and permanent teeth are just surfacing. At this age, Dr. Cardall is able to detect problematic conditions that will progress with age.

Detecting and treating certain orthodontic conditions early, will save you money in the long run, and will save your child from enduring more severe forms of treatment, such as jaw surgery.

My child is a teen or preteen, what now?

During adolescence, permanent teeth have assumed their position, illuminating potential misalignments of the jaw and of individual teeth, crowded teeth and gapped teeth. Problematic conditions are in their prime and easily detectable and treatable by orthodontists in this stage of life.

By age 10-15, orthodontic treatment should begin if necessary. Many patients in the adolescent age group begin treatment with one of the many options for dental braces – either Invisalign® clear aligners, metal braces or clear ceramic braces.

Treatment Options

For adolescents, we offer numerous treatment options depending on their specific conditions. We often see adolescent patients who wish to correct gapped teeth, crowded teeth, bite problems such as overbite, underbite, open bite, cross bite, jaw misalignments and overall crooked teeth.

Depending on the teen’s age and lifestyle, they may prefer one treatment option to the other. Most conditions can be fixed with a braces treatment such as metal braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign® clear aligners.

For patients who play sports and are concerned about impact to their teeth, we offer custom mouthguards that fit over the braces or Invisalign® clear aligners to provide maximum protection. These special mouthguards will even adjust to the new positions of the teeth as they align!

Cardall Quality Equals

Exceptional care

Depending on the specific oral condition your adolescent is experiencing, we will suggest the most effective, efficient and comfortable treatment option. Upon your free initial exam, Dr. Cardall will determine the best plan of action to help you achieve your ideal smile in the most efficient way. Give us a call today, or schedule an appointment with us to get started!

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