Payment & Insurance Options

We understand that each patient’s financial needs differ from the next patient, and so our goal is to help you smile confidently at an affordable price.

We offer customized, 0%-interest payment plans, along with low down payments, since Dr. Cardall feels strongly that finances should not get in the way of your need for orthodontic treatment. We are confident that at Cardall Orthodontics, you will receive the greatest value through our combination of highest-quality care and affordability.

Payment Plans

We offer customized payment plans to fit within each patient’s budget, starting as low as $99 a month. Although most of our patients prefer our customized, in-house payment plans, we accept Care Credit payment plans as well. Plus, for patients who prefer to pay their balance in full at the start of treatment, we offer a 5% discount!

Accepted Insurance Plans

We accept the benefit of all PPO insurances. Most insurance plans are accepted at our office. If you have questions about your insurance plan, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Straightforward, All-Inclusive Pricing

Unlike many offices, Cardall Orthodontics does not believe in nickel-and-diming.

That’s why during your free consultation, you will be presented one all-inclusive investment amount that will cover you from start to finish–even if your treatment takes longer than expected, or your child breaks several brackets along the way. Want a permanent retainer at the end? That’s included too! Have to cancel an appointment last-minute? There will be no additional charges! We find our patients truly appreciate our straightforwardness and transparency. Our goal is to provide our patients with a truly great experience, both in relation to their orthodontic treatment as well as the financial process.

Cost of Retainers

We pride ourselves in having less expensive fees for replacement retainers than most orthodontists. We also include permanent retainers in your treatment plan at no additional cost, which is very rare!

At Cardall Orthodontics, our prices vary according to the complexity and length of treatment, because all of our treatment plans are developed uniquely for each patient’s needs.

To find out the exact cost of treatment and how affordable it can be, call our office or schedule an appointment today for your complimentary consultation!

If you have questions regarding payment plans or accepted insurances, please feel free to contact us.

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