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The Best Type of Braces for Adults

We are often asked what type of braces are best for adult orthodontic treatment. As you might expect, we have to preface our answer with “it depends”. Specifically, it depends on your current orthodontic condition and goals of treatment.

During your free consultation, Dr. Cardall will review your specific problems and let you know what types of adult braces would work best for your situation.

Most of the time, our adult patients are able to choose whichever type of braces they prefer—since Dr. Cardall can treat most orthodontic conditions (including spacing, crowding, crooked teeth, and misaligned bites) with any type of braces. Often this comes down to a personal preference between clear (removable) aligners, traditional metal or ceramic braces; all are effective treatment options.

For those who prefer not to wear a removable appliance each day, traditional braces are the best option.

Traditional braces are attached to your teeth and cannot be removed, so very little maintenance is required (besides brushing, flossing and cleaning around them each day). Our adults can choose between traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces, depending on whether they want the “look” of braces (along with all of the colors!) or the more discreet “nearly-invisible” look. Ceramic and traditional braces are both equally effective (with similar treatment time) and are effective at treating nearly all adult orthodontic problems.

Many of our adult patients prefer Invisalign® clear removable aligners instead of braces for their orthodontic treatment.

One of the main advantages of Invisalign aligners: they are removable! Do you have an important event or photoshoot coming up and don’t want anyone to see braces? Just remove your aligners! Even when your aligners are in, they are nearly invisible. Another advantage of clear aligners: there are no eating restrictions. If you love popcorn, sticky foods or hard foods and can’t go without them, Invisalign may be the perfect option for you. Dr. Cardall is Bakersfield’s top Invisalign provider as well as an expert at treating the most complex orthodontic conditions with Invisalign. If you’ve been told you are not a candidate for adult Invisalign, get a second opinion from him!

Many people are surprised to learn that certain orthodontic conditions are more easily treated with braces, and other conditions are more easily treated with Invisalign.

For example, “deep bites” (where the front teeth overlap too much) are generally easier (and faster) to correct with braces, while “open bites” (where the front teeth don’t touch when biting down) are more easily treated with clear aligners. At your free consultation appointment, Dr. Cardall will tell you if one type of braces is better for you than another, and he will help you compare treatment options.

Ready to get your questions answered? Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Cardall, the top Invisalign orthodontist in Bakersfield, online right now! Or call us to speak to one of our team members.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the amazing and healthy smile you deserve through your custom treatment plan.

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