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What exactly is a “virtual consultation”

In response to closures surrounding COVID-19, we’ve introduced virtual new patient consultations to better serve our patients!

Although these virtual assessments have some limitations (a complete diagnosis and treatment plan is impossible in most cases without an x-ray and detailed in-person exam), they can still give us a good idea of what orthodontic needs you have, and what your options are for treatment. Dr. Cardall can give an estimated length of treatment and recommendations regarding how he would likely treat your case, including showing you examples of similar cases that he has previously treated.

Our treatment coordinator will begin the consultation and will meet with you in conjunction with Dr. Cardall to review your concerns and give you an estimate of the financial investment in addition to any applicable insurance benefits. Once in-person treatment resumes, you will be scheduled for a detailed, in-person exam to verify the preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan that were initially made during this virtual exam.

If you’re an existing patient looking to schedule or change your appointment, please call or text our office at (661) 515-1234.

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